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Aesthetic electrifying façade with ENVELON modules

Aesthetic & Design

Solar architecture with aesthetics and individual design

Solar architecture by ENVELON brings extraordinary exterior design and sustainable functionality to buildings. ENVELON’s one-of-a-kind color technology brings a pallet of colors to building envelopes that gives architects and building owners creative freedom to express their architectural design ideas and provide their buildings a modern, sustainable aesthetic with unique design elements. The beauty and functionality of ENVELON’s energy building envelopes and solar architecture unleashes innovation in sustainable building design and opens a new green building chapter for architects looking to actively bringing sustainability to modern building design. That's how solar architecture by ENVELON does not only meet modern design requirements, but also the call for more sustainable design and the usage of renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources and resources.

Flexible design: solar modules and sustainable architecture in a variety of colors to unleash your imagination

ENVELON revolutionizes building envelopes by offering a rich palette of colors that seamlessly blends beauty and functionality. Our array of colors empowers architects and building owners with unparalleled creative freedom to express their architectural visions. 

This allows them to infuse buildings with a modern, sustainable aesthetic, enriched by unique design and solar architecture elements that also generate an ROI.

ENVELON solar module: ON Generate

Reference class (clear glass) has a light transmittance of 93.0%.

Green buildings in all shades: Captivating play of colors through varying sun radiation

ENVELON’s solar-active building envelopes are the new sustainability aesthetic – unlocking the potential for creative architectural play with colors and create an inspired building look.  Depending on the time of day, the environment and the sun’s light intensity the physical properties of the glazing material create a real architectural eye-catcher: as a result of the interference effect between the incident sun light and the photovoltaic panel, the color saturation of the building envelope varies according to the position of the sun over the course of the day. This interplay of colours gives buildings with solar panels by ENVELON a very special, literally "activated" envelope.

Seamless building envelopes due to invisible suspension and substructure

ENVELON’s active building envelopes meet aesthetic refinements thanks to a frameless exterior design and hidden mounting hardware components. The mounting brackets are on the back of the PV module and are attached in an area that isn’t visible to onlookers. As a result, the suspended rear-ventilated façades offer all the building physics and design advantages of a conventional glass façade – with the added benefit of climate-friendly and carbon-reduced solar energy production. In combination with the colored solar panels you get a building envelope that stands out in many ways.


Aesthetic and design that impress

BIPV technology & profitability

ENVELON's innovative BIPV systems and PV panels are characterized by the unique integration of high-quality, thin-film photovoltaic modules into a durable and flexible façade with glazing – with Impact, for the environment and your footprint.

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Service & performance

We cannot guarantee that the sun shines all the time. However, thanks to our comprehensive consulting and service-oriented approach as a manufacturer of solar and PV façades, our customers are never left out in the rain when it comes to planning, installing, and operating their ENVELON BIPV system.

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Architecture & inspiration

Solar building is the future. With ENVELON, this future is aesthetic. Discover exemplary solar and photovoltaic architecture for all spatial requirements - from urban living and sustainable logistics to photovoltaic university buildings.

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