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Service & Performance

Plan solar-active façades with experienced experts

Solar-active façades will soon be commonplace – the potential for a new, more sustainable approach to aesthetic buildings that efficiently make use of renewable energy, sustainably produce electricity and reduce carbon emissions is simply too great. ENVELON is leading the revolution to renewably energized building envelopes with unparalleled standards of building aesthetics, quality, performance, and application flexibility. We offer active energy façade systems and services as a package. Working with our partners, we are laser focused on developing solar architecture and façade projects that are innovative, beautiful, and practical – always keeping quality control and project management in our hands according to your façade requirements.

We’re a reliable façade system partner with experienced network

Systematic process and project management enables ENVELON to significantly increase our project development for solar-active façades and execution efficiency by acting as the central hub of our time-tested network of partners and affiliates. For our customers, this means we guide them to the realization of their renewable and sustainable building project on time and without headache for all stakeholders involved. In order to ensure that, our communication with involved partners is bundled and direct – from architects and technical designers to installers and investors.

Our flexible, 360-degree approach includes the production of our façades in the Bavarian village of Hamlar but also customized planning for the respective location of your building, if necessary, as well as turnkey installation of the solar façades. Furthermore, you can combine the wide range of services we offer as desired depending on your construction location and façade requirements, or take advantage of them separately.

Short delivery times thanks to modular façade design

ENVELON is focused on high-quality production of building-integrated photovoltaic façades and effective supply chain partners. Architects and building specifiers can choose from a variety of energy façade panel sizes, which maximizes the design flexibility of our solutions that can be efficiently adapted to almost any type of building and location at a competitive cost. In addition, by consolidating the production of our building façades and solar panels in-house, we gain high material quality, greater control over supply chain disruptions, and reduce façade delivery times and dependability – thereby shielding our company from disruptions in the global flow of goods and raw materials to a relatively high degree. And since the solar façades' production and value creation take place on construction sites in Germany, we can directly impact quality at every stage of the process. In this context, continuous and seamless monitoring ensures that we live up to our quality standards and are able to offer you renewable energy architecture solutions that are truly future-proof.


Five steps to your solar-active façade by ENVELON

At ENVELON, we guide you through every stage of your façade planning and installation process. Simply tell us what you have in mind for your construction project, and we’ll handle the rest, including calculating the costs of your investment, energy return, sustainability return, and economic performance.

1. Introduction to the project

We want to learn about your project vision and capacity in order to offer tailor-made solutions on how to achieve your renewable energy goals through a solar-active building.

2. Preplanning

We’ll work with you to assess the feasibility of your BIPV project and provide you an initial budget estimate to work from.

3. Detailed planning

We’ll plan your façade down to the last detail, integrating all the components including the electrical equipment, and conduct a cost-benefit analysis with detailed quote.

4. Turnkey kit

We put together the full project package for your solar-active architectural solution and deliver the required material to the construction site and installation partners.

5. Turnkey installation

You don't have the capacity to handle the construction of your BIPV façade yourself? In collaboration with our installation partners, we’ll efficiently bring your project and custom-fit architecture to life.

Get the full solar architecture experience – Energy systems to turn your building envelope on

You're interested in realizing your building and BIPV project with ENVELON? Feel free to reach out to our expert team for further information, and turn your building envelope on for a future with renewable energies. We're happy to advise you and develop solutions fully tailored to your capacities, investment limits and energy goals.

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BIPV technology & profitability

ENVELON's innovative BIPV systems and PV panels are characterized by the unique integration of high-quality, thin-film photovoltaic modules into a durable and flexible façade with glazing – with Impact, for the environment and your footprint.

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Aesthetic & design

Whether it's PV cladding for residential and commercial properties, parking garages, public buildings, or retail stores - we develop BIPV façades and solar systems that perfectly fit your wishes. With ENVELON, your building becomes an architectural highlight that combines energy-efficient photovoltaic innovation with high aesthetics.

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Architecture & inspiration

Solar building is the future. With ENVELON, this future is aesthetic. Discover exemplary solar and photovoltaic architecture for all spatial requirements - from urban living and sustainable logistics to photovoltaic university buildings.

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