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Career at ENVELON


Your career in the photovoltaic and sustainable energy industry

Shape the future of solar energy with us

You don't just want to dream about the future but actively help shape it? Then ENVELON is the right place for you because we transform buildings into power plants. ENVELON brings innovation and tradition together and offers attractive job opportunities in the photovoltaic industry.

As an employer in recruitment and internationally active technology start-up in the solar PV and construction industry, we rely on an open culture, a hands-on approach, and an extensive program for individual and professional development within the established Grenzebach Group - because nothing is more important for our work than motivated and competent people to shape the future of solar energy together.

Working at ENVELON

1. Employment with an international, dynamic, family-owned company with flat hierarchies

  • Focus on personal initiative and responsibility
  • Collaboration with coworkers
  • Rapid decision-making
communication lines at ENVELON

2. Short lines of communication

  • Relevant coworkers are involved in processes from the very beginning.
  • Transparent knowledge and information sharing.
  • Effective collaboration between coworkers.
  • Regular feedback meetings between employees and managers.
  • Appreciation and recognition through open a culture.
  • Digital communication platforms that provide effective information sharing and communication in the office and while mobile working.
Tasks at ENVELON

3. Independent and varied tasks

  • We work together every day to help make the world a better place to live now and for future generations to come.
  • We offer a wide range of tasks.
  • We value and support motivated employees who assume responsibility.
  • We offer freedom to develop personally.
  • We offer employees the opportunity to apply for available internal positions first.
Advanced training opportunities at ENVELON

4. Wide range of advanced training opportunities

  • Personalized development plans.
  • Job-specific and project-specific training.
  • Systematic, active employee development.
  • Connected learning.
  • Web-based training.
  • Mentoring.
International opportunities and assignments abroad at ENVELON

5. International opportunities and assignments abroad

  • We support and promote international employee exchange.
  • Assignments abroad at our locations and international student exchange within the framework of our university partnerships.
  • Internships abroad.
  • Vocational trainee exchange.
  • Expat programs.
Extensive onboarding phase

6. Extensive onboarding phase

  • Mentoring model to facilitate new employee onboarding.
  • Continuous support from experienced coworkers.
  • Personalized onboarding plans to guide the onboarding process.
  • We take time to answer your questions.
Employees events at ENVELON

7. Regular events for and with employees

  • Holiday celebration parties.
  • Summer festival
  • Company athletic team activities (e.g., soccer, volleyball, and company run).
  • Additional team-building events.
Effective health promotion at ENVELON

8. Effective health promotion

  • Bike leasing.
  • Annual flu shot.
  • Ergonomic office workstations.
  • Free filtered water dispensers.
  • Alternative medicine access.
Work-life balance in action at ENVELON

9. Work-life balance in action

  • Flexible working hours for better work-life balance.
  • 30 days of leave per year.
  • Ability to work part-time.
  • Remote working.
Benefits at ENVELON

10. Benefits

  • Subsidized company cafeteria.
  • Work anniversary bonuses.
  • Special occasion gifts for special occasions such as weddings, births, or retirement.
  • Pension plan.
  • Group accident insurance policy.

Working at ENVELON and Grenzebach

Our company is built on in-depth knowledge in all areas of the solar and building industry and excellent collaboration with our network. Within the multinational Grenzebach Group, everyone learns from each other on a daily basis to achieve great things. We offer our employees a wide range of attractive benefits and additional perks, including an attractive salary package, health and sports programs, as well as flexible working hours. Discover our benefits:

The job has to be right for you – not the other way around

We want to grow together and therefore provide a wide range of benefits and entry-level opportunities in the field of sustainable energy generation and the solar industry. Regardless of whether you are still in school, in the middle of your studies, have recently graduated or already have many years of professional experience, we offer customized programs and positions for a variety of levels around solar PV and renewable energy.

Do you look for positions as Solar Electrician, Manager, Solar Energy Engineering, or any other job in the BIPV industry? Then you have come to the right place. You can find a selection of currently available positions on the Grenzebach Group job portal which we share with our sister companies:

Find dream job

Renewable energy drives us – do you?

More and more people and companies are looking for an alternative energy supply, especially from renewable sources. For independent, decentralized, and efficient power production, ENVELON offers exactly the right solar system. Our solar-active façade systems stand out for their unique technical design, holistic system and impressive appearance.

Thanks to solar-active façades directly on their own buildings, companies or private individuals have their energy back in their own hands. This means sunny prospects for the photovoltaic sector – not only in terms of the use of solar systems, but also in terms of career prospects in this industry.

Jobs in the solar energy sector have been of great importance worldwide since the energy turnaround and are increasingly coming into focus when it comes to renewable energies. Compared to the fossil energy sector, investments in the field of renewable energies generate three times as many new jobs.

A job in the professional field of photovoltaics and sustainable energy generation is a job with significance in two ways. We see climate change, rising energy prices and other challenges as an opportunity to make a difference by expanding renewable energy. Creating a livable world for future generations is our deep-seated drive.

That's why we're dedicated to the mission of generating electricity from renewable energy sources with aesthetic appeal. How we make it happen? Through invisible suspensions, frameless glass modules and individual color schemes. The sun is at the center of it all.

If you also have a passion for solar energy and PVs, you've come to the right place at the right time as an ideal candidate for your new PV job! Are you ON?

Towards the sun: FAQ about new generation solar and PV systems

Whether you have professional experience or are new to photovoltaics, we answer the basic questions at a glance.

What is photovoltaic?
Photovoltaic is the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy using solar cells. A system consisting of many solar cells is also called a photovoltaic system.

What are the advantages of energy from photovoltaic systems?
Generating energy from renewable sources, such as PV systems offers several advantages. Firstly, for the environment: unlike fossil fuels, photovoltaics do not produce harmful emissions and thus contribute to improving the carbon footprint. On the other hand, for the users: In the long term, solar-active modules achieve considerable cost savings despite the initial cost because the cost of conventional energy is eliminated. More and more regulations are being passed worldwide to promote investment in renewable energy sources; in Germany, for example, through the Renewable Energy Sources Act, or EEG for short. In addition, households, businesses, and municipalities enjoy independence from electricity providers through self-generated energy.

How does solar energy work?
Photovoltaic cells are made of semiconductor materials such as silicon. These are capable of absorbing solar energy and outputting it in the form of direct current. An inverter then converts this direct current output into alternating current, which can be used in the power grid.

What makes our solar-active façade systems special?
Highest standards of aesthetics and efficiency through innovative technology characterize our solar systems. What makes them special are our complete services: from development to production to installation, we accompany our product and our customers on their way to reduce their carbon footprint. In this way, we shape the photovoltaic industry through holistic systems, smart solar technology, and solar cells with the highest design standards.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Julia Hader

Human Resources Grenzebach

+49 906 982-2800